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Trainings (Live/In Person)

Choose from a variety of live trainings, in person or through Zoom/Teams!

  • 1 hour
  • $450 per training
  • Online or Live

Service Description

The following trainings are available: Let's Talk Development: Developmental Milestones, Domains, and Delays Let's Talk Autism: The basics about autism Let's Talk Sensory: An introduction to the sensory system and how autism can affect it Let's Talk Play: A look at the art of play and why it is important for infants and toddlers Ready Your Class: What to look for and how to prepare your center/classroom for a child with autism or high sensory needs Difficult Behaviors: Learn a more proactive approach to behaviors, especially those associated with autism and sensory processing Autism & Cultural Considerations: How cultural background can affect a family's perception of autism If you wish to create a custom training for your organization or center, you can contact me to schedule an Interest Meeting. The trainings can also be adjusted to include more participants.

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